The vast portfolio of domestic & international client base we make together with wisdom gained in 25 years of porometers instrument experience gives us an exceptional edge over our competitors. The customized tailor –made services, delivers a seamless experience to our industrial partners regardless of volume or complexities, which is the hallmark of Porometer Services

The flexibility built into our service model delivers world-class capabilities and resources that are custom-tailored for your specific needs. We are specialized in providing calibration, diagnostics, upgrade, and educational services to wide variety of commercial porometers around the world.


Features & Benefits

Our Services

On-site Calibrations

Porometer services delivers the most comprehensive suite of instrument calibration services in the industry that is not only high quality, but cost effective

  • Leak test
  • Plumbing check
  • Pressure transducer calibration
  • Pressure Gauge calibration
  • Flow meter calibration
  • Instrument tuning
  • Detailed calibration report

On-site operator training


Software Solutions

  • Upgrade to a new software control program
  • Get customized software to suit your needs!
  • Increase you report program efficiency
  • Talk to our IT experts today! Consultations are free !


  • Free on-site check instrument
  • Replace old flow meters, pressure gauges, sample chamber!
  • Not enough budget for a new expensive instrument?
  • Porometer Services can help you rebuild your instrument without burning a hole in your fiscal budget. We can identify and replace only right components-a tailor made solution


It is important for you to know if your instrument has the right range of Flow meters & Pressure gauge. Our engineers would study your testing needs and help you optimize your instrument by suggesting the best solution, providing room for innovation.

  • Did your product line change?
  • Do you need multiple sample chamber to increase testing volume?
  • Is your instrument designed to test your new product line accurately?
  • Pressure Gauge calibration
  • Not sure?
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Service Contract

  • Get special quotes for service partnerships
  • Covers all diagnostics, maintenance, calibration, service visits
  • Up to 60% on hardware components
  • Free Software upgrade
  • Free On-site Training sessions
  • Free Instrument accessories
  • 24/7 Remote support
  • Priority/Overnight services.

Porometer Services offers a truly unrivaled and exceptional service to its vast portfolio of domestic & International clients. With comprehensive product knowledge, our team offers a customized and tailor made solutions to suit your data acquisition needs. More importantly, we take pride in delivering consistent quality service to your porometer equipment’s, and be accessible to your operators for 24/7 support .

Have you ever faced

  • Delay in manufacturer to respond to your urgent needs?
  • Overpriced for services?
  • Incomplete documentation?
  • Join us, Because our goal is to provide client solutions ….Unconditionally!
  • Yearly cost saved by customers on calibrations & services72%
  • Received a timely response95%
  • Improved their R&D efficiency55%
Porometer Services offers trusted and well reputed services. The benefits of our services encompass every aspect, from an emergency support, advanced technology upgrades to engineering new customized solution to help you boost your efficiency at the most cost-effective manner. .

Our Partnership Benefits

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Very flexible on scheduling my annual Capillary Flow Porometer calibration, The partnership saved 35% yearly.I am glad I went with Poromoter Services.  Maria S. - Georgia Sep'13

The service rep was brilliant and we were given more help that we knew we needed. He understood us and helped us achieve what we wanted to effectively.  Mary - June 2014

The on-site training was program was quite informative. Our team realized, “You have to go deep before you go wide” for accurate data acquisition.  Richard - Feb-14

Industries Served


Oil & Natural Gas

Automotive & Acoustics


Answers to common questions about our services

»How do I know if my porometer is measuring correctly?
The only way to truly be sure your tester is measuring correctly is to have it checked against a known and traceable reference. A calibration provides such a service.
»Why does my porometer need to calibrated/verified?
If you have a requirement to test your products or materials, you need to be sure that the results you get are correct. Even the very best quality equipment can be affected by external influences that could affect the soundness of the system. Regular calibration and verification provide essential evidence that your equipment is operating to your expectations.
»How frequently should I have my porometer machine checked?
1 year or 300 tests (whichever earlier)
»We recently moved our instrument to another location. Do I need to re-calibrate it?
It is strongly recommended that all measuring equipment, other than hand-held instrumentation, be recalibrated after a move. This also includes after installation. In many cases you will find that ASTM and ISO testing standards such as ASTM E4 and ISO 7500-1 have a mandatory requirement for such action. If you are in doubt about this or want assistance on moving and recalibration please contact us
»We recently have a upgraded our production line, and not sure if our CFP-1100AEX instrument is finely tuned for range of measurements. How can I determine if I need to upgrade our instrument?
We take into account your most open( high flow) material and most tight ( high pressure) material, for determining the pressure, flow ranges . We recommend upgrades accordingly
»What documents do you provide for repairs/services/calibration?
We provide a detailed calibration report for flow meters, flow controllers & pressure guages , as found as left data along with all necessary leak-test data, plumbing check include additional information required by your auditor.
» Can you develop a customized plan that will optimize my cost?
YES. We can quote you for a service contract that will be optimized to suite your service needs
» We changed our computer, and are having some issues with communication (with software) ?
YES. The software needs to be updated after calibration in order to reflect any changes
»Hi, we need some explanations on the data discrepancy in order to understand our material better. Can I send you the data for verification? How much will it cost?
Feel free to contact our support team with any questions. Our assistance is free
»Good morning guys, Thanks for your remote support. We would like to arrange some training for our recently hired lab technician? Can you provide us a quote?
We are glad to be able to assist you. Please contact the support team for an On-site short course.

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